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800% increase in Monthly Revenue With
3X Profit increase using the Customer Retention Technique

Net revenue of 3.7 M INR with AVG Retention rate of 15%

The client is a women’s fashion brand for bringing timeless design that lives beyond the season, merging traditional styles with new directions. The client was struggling to acquire new customers consistently. They were getting a really low Returns on spending around 230% which will not make it out for the brand and cut out for them. Within 4 months, Scaled this Ecom Brand to 2.4 million Inr sales with over 7 roas and Increased Conversion rate to 3% with a net profit of 22%. Now, they are seeing the highest growth ever.

16 m INR in last 8 months

net revenue of over 16M INR in last 8 months

The brand is a bedding store with a premium collection of comfort bedding sets, bed sheets, pillow covers, duvet covers. Indian Audiences have been a bit hesitant in buying products that have a physical feel and appearance like beddings & furniture and furnishings –a major product category on the website–fall into this difficult to buy online category. After intense testing on Facebook ads with different audience & with new angle of creatives, Increased ROAS by 400%.

Generated 44k$ with Adspend - 8.9k$

Net revenue of 45k$ USD with the adspend of 8.9k$

This is a home decor store that offers a selection of multifunctional, trendy home decor items inspired by the modern bohemian style. They were trying to build their reputation and a sharp brand image with the promise of a great experience for a long time. Although brand was selling good on Marketplace but the major challenge was acquiring new customer from Online store. We Generated 44k$ with 8.9 k$ adspend and  22% profit in Last 90 days

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